Neem Leaf Extract - More Uses

** Lice Prevention **

How do I use it for animals?

The Neem leaf extract by The Neem Man is a aqueous (water) extract from organic, tea quality leaves grown in Queensland. It can be used safely on all animals of any age. A light spray daily acts as a repellent for mozzies, sandflies (midges) and fleas! To treat skin problems of any sort, apply liberally straight from the bottle. It cannot be over applied in quantity or frequency. It can be added to shampoos, conditioners, rinses and lotions/creams, however relief is greatest when applied liberally and left on. It doesn't sting broken skin, nor will it irritate skin problems. A few drops in their drinking water daily is also good for internal health.

Neem Leaf on your garden.

1 part neem leaf to 20 parts water plus a drop of detergent This is as strong as you should make it. ( Treat ) or 1 part neem leaf up to 500 parts water plus some detergent. 1Neem - 100 water is a good medium mix. ( Maintain ) This is used as a preventative. After first application, reapply in 72 hours. Then apply as a foliage spray once a fortnight. This is a fertilising insectide that is systemic for 2 weeks