Neem Leaf Extract - Some suggested uses

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Bites. Stings. allergies etc
Use it neat, straight from the bottle. Be liberal for fantastic relief from pain and itch fast! Use as often as needed. You can't put on too much. Use it as a repellent.

Skin Disorders
Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, allergies etc. Same as above. It doesn't sting and will not irritate. It can also be mixed with neutral base creams to help manage these conditions. (1 neem - 5 cream). Be careful here, as it can be hard to find a base cream that doesn't irritate or sting. If in doubt use it neat - it won't hurt.

Tinea and fungus etc
Straight from the bottle liberally.

Cold Sores
Soak every hour or drown the tingle. Use a spoon. Unbeatable!

Keep as wet as possible. Use it in a cream for planter warts.

Neat or in a cream.

Mouth Ulcers
Use it neat when needed, or mouthwash daily to prevent. 1 Neem - 5 water is also a brilliant gargle for sore throats.

Burns and Sunburn
Use it neat on burns and scolds and sunburn. The more you use, the faster the relief. Fantastic!

Neat for personal repellent, or add some to a good quality oil burner, (large bowl) for an unbelievable repellent. No smoke or smell! A drop of detergent makes it stronger.